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What's Hot in London Right now!


Get down with the cool kids and check out the latest hot spots for Londoners 


Best New!

Soho House - White City

Soho House is an exclusive chain of houses spread across the UK, Europe and America with great facilities, ranging from city hangouts to country retreats. The latest one has just opened up at the old BBC TV centre in White City, West London. You'll need to be a member or know one to go - so get applying now to hang with London's elite and enjoy their exclusive facilities.


Current hangout clubs for Mayfair/West End clubbers

Popular Night clubs in London

Tape Club

Tape Club is the current hangout all the cool kids are going to. Based in Mayfair, expect to see celebs, or sons and daughters of celebs and the rich kids of London partying on any given night, as everyday is a Friday for them. If you go make sure to get a picture in the light bolt booth for your Insta page.


Cool bars

Bounce, London


Bounce is a Table Tennis themed bar with 2 locations in London in Old Street and Farringdon. It is known as the home of Table Tennis and claims to be the place TT was invented in 1901 - it is now packed full of TT tables a large bar area and also a dining area, with a great atmosphere - try out the interactive table if you go.


The Prince West brompton

The Prince - West Brompton

The Prince is a concept comprising of bars, restaurants, live music and an English garden all in one space - it has space for 600 people with a lively atmosphere and has something for every occasion. Head down this summer to check out London's latest hot spot!