finding accommodation in London

Finding Short Term Accommodation in London

London is not the cheapest place to stay short term so it is important to know what your options are when booking accommodation in London. Most of these websites are also excellent for booking accommodation across UK and Europe. 


short term lets London Short Term Lets for London

An accommodation option that is now becoming popular is the short term rental of flats, houses and rooms let out directly by individuals. This option will often work out cheaper than a hotel. The following websites are excellent for sourcing rooms/properties as well as even renting out your own if going away. Try AirBnB9 Flats and Gumtree. Note protect yourself against scams. If anyone mentions transferring money through Western Union run.

hostels in London Hostels in London

The Standard of hostels in London has improved in recent times and they are a good source of budget accommodation if you are happy to share a room with strangers. To source hostels in London as well as Europe these two sites are very good Hostel World and Hostel Bookers. 

university accommodation London University Accommodation in London (Summer Only)

If you are looking for a basic room and good value for money during summer in London it can be worth checking out these to Universities that rent out student accommodation London School of EconomicsImperial College of Science and Technology.

dossing in London Dossing (sleeping on a friends couch)

Do you have any friends who can put you up? This is known in UK terms as Dossing or sofa surfing and it is important to not overstay your welcome, however, it is also the cheapest accommodation with the cost varying from being free to paying £40 a week. If you don't have any friends who can put you up try the Couch Surfing website but only expect the basics of sleeping on someone's couch!

Budget hotel chains London Budget Hotel Chains (UK)

The two major budget hotel chains that offer simple and affordable hotel accommodation in the UK are Premier InnTravelodge. It can also be worth trying Easy Hotel which is more basic hotel accommodation but also represents excellent value for money and is situated in prime locations.

Hotels in London Hotel Booking Websites

 Hotel Booking websites are the easiest way to book accommodation as you can search via price and specific location. Three we recommend are Late RoomsLast MinuteExpedia and Ebookers. A popular website that offers large discounts to its membership for luxury hotels across Europe is Secret Escapes.

helpful tips on London accommodation Stranger Tips to save Money on London Accommodation

***Book accommodation as early as you can particularly in peak periods. Check the accommodations cancellation policy. Once you have booked and are happy with the price and can can easily without cost it is worth checking these websites closer to the time to see if you can get a better deal.

***If you see accommodation you like but don't like the price don't be afraid to contact the hotel directly and barter for a better price. If it is close to the time and they have free rooms it is in their interest to accept whatever money they can if it is reasonable. Obviously make sure you get any agreements in writing via an email.

***Hunt around the different options and don't forget to factor in other added value items such as transfers, breakfast included etc.



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