Best Music Festivals in Europe and the United Kingdom

So which are the best music festivals happening across Europe and the United Kingdom? Here is our list which we track monthly to keep you up to date and help you plan your festive summer.


Snowbombing (Mayhofren, Austria) Variety Electronic, House, Dance etc (Tickets)      

Cheltenham Jazz Festival (Cheltenham, England) - Jazz (Tickets)


Vienna Festival (Vienna, Austria) - Opera/Classical; Performing Arts (Tickets)

Prague Music Festival (Prague, Czech Republic) - Classical, Opera & Ballet  (Tickets)     

Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain) - Mixed genre Indie, Electronic, Pop etc (Tickets)


Primavera Sound (Porto, Portugal) - Mixed genre Indie, Electronic, Pop etc (Tickets)                               

Rock am Ring (Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany) - Rock (Tickets)           

Rock Im Park (Zeppelinfeld, Nurnberg, Germany) - Rock (Tickets)

Field Day (London, England) - Alternative & Indie Rock (Tickets)                                                        

Pinkpop Festival (Landgraaf, Netherlands) - Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Electronic, Garage (Tickets)

Isle of Wight Festival (Isle of Wight, England) - Rock, Alternative (Tickets)

Barcelona Sonar (Barcelona, Spain) - Electronic (Tickets)                                                                                                                         

Download Festival (Donnington Park, Derby, England) - Rock (Tickets)                                                                                 

Hurricane Festival (Eichenring, Schessel, Germany) - Rock, Indie, Electronic (Tickets)

In Music (Lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia) - Rock, Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop, reggae (Tickets)

Glastonbury (Glastonbury, England) - Rock, Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance etc (Tickets)

Open Air St Gallen (St Gallen, Switzerland) - Rock, Pop (Tickets)

Roskilde (Roskilde, Denmark) - Rock, Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop + more (Tickets)


Del Grec (Barcelona, Spain) - Theatre, Dance, Music & Circus (Tickets)

Open'er (Gydnia, Poland) - Rock, Pop, Indie, Dance, Electronic (Tickets)

Eurockennes (Belfort, France)- Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic etc (Tickets)

Rock Werchter  (Werchter, Belgium) - Rock, Pop (Tickets)

No Where Festival (Zaragoza, Spain) - The Burning Man of Europe (Tickets)

Ollesummer (Tallinn, Estonia) - Beer and music festival (Tickets)

Exit Festival (Peterovaradin, Novi Sad, Serbia) - Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic (Tickets)

North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands) - Jazz (Tickets)

Sea Dance Festival (Jaz, Budva, Montenegro) - Part of Exit Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, Electronic (Tickets)

Lattitude Festival (Henham Park, Suffolk, England) - Varied mix of music, art and theatre (Tickets)

Fib (Benicassim, Spain) - Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic (Tickets)                                                                                                     

Melt Festival (Ferropolis, Germany) - Electronic meets Rock (Tickets)

Tomorrowland (Boom, Belgium) - Electronic (Tickets)

BBC Proms (London, England) - Classical Music (Tickets)

Salzburg Festival (Salzburg, Austria) - Opera, Classical & Performing Arts (Tickets)

Womad (Charlton Park, England) - Varied Music, Arts & Dance (Tickets)

Global Gathering (Stratford Upon Avon, England) - Electronic Dance Festival (Tickets)

Cambridge Folk Festival (Cambridge, England) - Folk Music (Tickets)

Love Box (London, England) - Dance, Indie, Rock, Pop (Tickets)

Wireless (London & Birmingham, England) - Pop, Dance, Urban, R & B (Tickets)


Oya Festival (Oslo, Norway) - Rock, Pop (Tickets)                                                  

Bayreuth Festival (Bayreuth, Germany) - Classical music of Robert Wagner (Tickets)

Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary) - Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic etc (Tickets)   

Pukkelpop (Kiewit/Hasselt Belgium) - Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop (Tickets)

Lowlands (Biddinghuizen, Netherlands) - Alternative, Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip Hop (Tickets)

Helsinki Festival (Helsinki, Finland) - Classical, Pop, Performing Arts, Dance & Film etc (Tickets)

Rize Festival (Chelmsford, England) - Rock and Pop (Tickets)

Creamfields (Cheshire, England) - Dance Music (Tickets)

Leeds Festival (Leeds, England) - Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk, Heavy Metal (Tickets)

Reading Festival (Reading, England) - Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk, Heavy Metal (Tickets)

Southwest Four (London, England) - Electronic (Tickets)

Electric Picnic (Stradbally Estate, Ireland) - Indie, Alternative, Dance (Tickets)


Bestival (Isle of Wight, England) - Indie and Dance (Tickets)


Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland) - Electronic Music (Tickets)