dating in London

Dating in London

Best Dating Websites for London

If you looking to for love online there are so many websites to choose from. This is London Stranger's list of the best dating websites in London. Check them out and find a new partner.

London dating apps Best Phone Apps for Dating in London

TinderHappn, Bumble are the most popular dating apps currently. 


best websites for dating Best Websites for Dating in London

There are lots of dating websites so to help here are our best ones per category.

Casual Dating  Illicit Encounters (targets those who are married)

Popular Dating Sites (General): My Single FriendCupid, Match, Lovestruck and Eharmony

Speed/Social Meeting Dating Websites: Urban Social and Grape Vine Events

LGBT Dating Websites: Gaydar Guys and Gaydar Girls

Dating websites for Gold Diggers: Sugar Daddie 


wounded piggy bank, dating in London on a budget Dating in London on a Budget

How can you not look like a tight arse on a date in London without damaging your budget? We have come up with some ideas and tips where fun and romance can still thrive without looking like a cheapskate or feeling sick over the money you are spending.

gourmet dining card Get a Dining Membership Card

The advantage of the dining membership card is you can get up to 50% off your food at 100's of restaurants across London. Make sure you choose a restaurant that looks like you have chosen it rather than a chain. If you are a guy on a first date girls expect you to pay by using this card you are effectively just paying for yourself plus extra drinks. Yes if the date finds out you are using the card she may think you are cheap but tip well an try and keep it quiet and you win. Gourmet Society and Taste both offer these cards. For couples this is the ideal card as by getting half price you can date twice as much. 

Useful Links: Money Saving Tips for Dining out in London


dating on the river Using the River

Asking someone whether they would like to sit on some grass and drink booze with you is not usually appealing. Asking someone whether they would like to come with you to Richmond River to feed the ducks may not still be appealing to some but to others it will be particularly when they are in one of the most beautiful settings in Richmond. Buy some Marks and Spencer bread to give the ducks so your date won't think you are tight arsed and save money on booze by bringing your own. 


london art galleries Take advantage of London's many Free Art Galleries & Museums

Find a museum or gallery that seems appealing and agree to explore if for the day. Your date will feel you are cultured provided you keep using the phrase "I preferred their earlier work."

Useful links: Free Attractions 


cinema ticket Go to the Theatre/Movies or a Live Television Production

Going to see comedy, watching a movie or play or being in a TV audience are all options that can be done quite cheaply. Check out our tips for different ideas with the following links. Theatre shows don;t have to be expensive see our tips with the links below. Check out our money saving tips pages.


picnic date in London's  parksTake your date on a picnic in one of London's many great parks

This is a summer option but one which is easy and affordable. Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Regents Park, Greenwich Park and Battersea Park all have beautiful settings and different things going on.

Useful Links: London's Best Parks


londons events Party with your date at one of London's many events and festivals

There is something always going on London and quite often it is free. Keep track of different events in our events section that might inspire and interest a date. We recommend not suggesting London's annual naked bike ride as a first date.


dating ideas for London General Dating Ideas for London

Here are ten ideas of things to do on a date in London. We are sure we could of come up with 100's, but hope this is a good source of inspiration for you.  


1. Dans Le Noir: This is the ultimate blind date, whereby you are blind folded and can not see your food or company. A great experience but the dangers are more chance of clumsiness and wandering hands that may cause confusion as you are seated with other people. Perhaps you want to see your date any way!

2Thorpe Park: A date at an amusement park is always a winner unless one person on the date is scared of heights and vomits all over you.

3Richmond-on-Thames: take some bread and feed the ducks surrounded by the beauty of the Thames and some excellent waterfront bars. Fingers crossed your date won’t be bitten by a duck. The Pitcher Piano beer garden is a picturesque location that should add to the romance.

4West End Dinner and theatre/movie: Tried and tested and not the most original. Waxy O’connor’s is an excellent bar to mix into things.

5Battersea Park: Picnic and rowing on a summer day followed by heading to Clapham for drinks afterwards. Lets hope the boat does not capsize and your date does not drown (unless of course they are not the right person for you anyway). You may even pop into Battersea dogs home. The Magic Garden or Lost Angel Pubs are both funky bars nearby or head into either Clapham Common or Kings Road Chelsea for a drink.

6. Tattershall Castle at Embankment: Having a drink on a boat on The Thames in central London in Summer could make it a Kate Winslet and Leonardo Decaprio Titanic experience without the dangers. (Unless you drop her into the Thames) It is also easy to head into Covent Garden from there to enjoy the many bars and restaurants. Nearby Gordons wine bar is a winner if you can get a seat downstairs in the romantic cave like structure.

7. London Zoo, Parliament Hill Hopefully your date will find you more attractive than an orangutan as you get close to the animals while strolling through London Zoo in Regents Park. Walk up Parliament Hill for a romantic view of London followed by dinner in Camden. 

8. Visit an Arts Gallery There are 100′s to choose from in London and it is a great way of looking like you are quite deep. To impress your date “keep saying you preferred their earlier work.”

9Hampstead Heath on the way take them ten pin bowling (Skittles) but with a difference using a piece of cheese as the ball. Take a stroll through the Heath and perhaps dinner if things go well. 


Quirky/Interesting Dating Story...

Richard Curtis is probably the most famous writer/producer of London based Rom/Coms,  think classics like Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral. In every one of these films (and many of his other TV shows/movies) he makes sure there is an unpopular character called Bernard who is named after conservative MP Bernard Jenkins who stole the heart of his former girlfriend who is now Bernard Jenkins wife. In Love Actually Bernard is the part played by Alan Rickman.