london bucket list

London Bucket List


1. Head to Buckingham Palace and try out your best stand-up routine on the guards. Not a flicker of a smile? Some people have no sense of humour.

2. Try a famous English curry in Brick Lane. Masala or Vindaloo? Take our word for it, when the waiter tells you it's hot... they mean it.

3. Do not pass Go do not collect $200, play for real on the Monopoly Pub Crawl. Dress up as playing pieces and go round the board. Be quick or you'll end up with the boot.

4. Bring your Soapbox and be heard at Speakers Corner every Sunday in Hyde Park.

5. Get Night Fever at Roller Disco, a 70's skate spot in Vauxhall. All abilities welcome from Greased Lightnin' to barely standin'.

6. After falling off roller skates you may as well fall off ice skates. Outdoor skating all through December in the surrounds of Hampton Court PalaceHyde Park.

7. Anyone for tennis? Pimms and picnics at Wimbledon. Join in the fun at the hill formerly known as Henman Hill and now Murrays' Mound.

8. Get locked away in The Tower of London. Hopefully the Beefeaters let you out at the end of the tour!

9. Follow in the footsteps of the Beatles and re-create the famous Abbey Road album cover. A visit to the most famous zebra crossing in the world is a must for any Beatlemaniacs out there.

10. 'There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.' Have a blast in a boat in beautiful Battersea Park. 

11. Help the environment by cycling naked around London with fellow naked protesters. Be sure to check when this is happening as cycling naked through the park alone is frowned upon.

12. And if nudity doesn't do it for you, do your bit for charity by dressing up as a gorilla in the annual gorilla fun run. It's as fun as cycling naked without the breeze.

13. The annual Oxford vs Cambridge boat race is a chance to get tipsy on the river in one of London's most desired locations Putney.

14. High Tea and scones at the world famous Dorchester Hotel. Just make sure to sport some swank, singlet and flip flops won't cut the mustard.

15. Dress to impress and pick a winner at Royal Ascot while brushing shoulders with celebrities and Royalty.

16. Line the red carpet and watch the stars come out at night at a big movie premiere in Leicester Square.

17. 'Remember, remember the 5th of November...' is Guy Fawkes Night which commemorates The Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and (after it failed) the execution of its architect, the unfortunate Mr Fawkes. Bonfires and fireworks all round!

18. Join the party at Europe's largest street festival. Nottinghill Carnival with 40 static sound systems and hundreds of Caribbean food stalls as well as over a million fellow revelers this is party is not be missed this August Bank Holiday.

19. Get a bargain at one of the many markets dotted around London. SpitalfieldsCamdenBorough and Portobello to name just a few and each unique from the rest, test your haggling skills with some of the best!

20. Enjoy an unforgettable theatre experience in London's West End. With both new shows and classic productions that have been running here for decades there is something for visitors of all ages.

21. The London Eye delivers just that. Spectacular panoramic views of the whole city. Those with a healthy respect for heights may wish to take in the view from ground level.

22. For those without the good sense to keep both feet on the ground there is Thorpe Park, which boasts some of the best white knuckle rides in the country. Definitely one for the kids.

23. Alongside New York, London is one of the most special cities in the world to experience Christmas. Take in the lights and the unique atmosphere and if you're very lucky the possibility of snow!

24. We don't like cricket, oh no, we love it! Get down to Lords and cheer on your team this summer.

25. With several venues dotted around try your hand at clay pigeon shooting while you're here. Give it your best shot, literally.

26. Regents Park Zoo/London Zoo is a must for families visiting London. A fun day out for kids and adults of all ages!

27. Travel back in time through 1000 years of London's gory history at the London Dungeons. Get scared by the amazing live shows, bringing a truly horrible history to life!

28. Who was Jack The Ripper? Take a tour and try and follow the clues to the identity of the most notorious serial killer of all time. With over 100 suspects including members of the aristocracy there is plenty for the budding Sherlock Holmes to ponder. Elementary my dear Stranger!

29. Take a boat trip along the Thames and see London flow by. An incredible way for a visitor to view this historic city. Take a sightseeing tour or even a speed boat.

30. London is one of the homes of the world game with many professional football teams based in the capital. With a pub on every corner, old school standing and singing from the terraces, affordable prices and no recognised hooligan problem. Brentford in the Championship is a great experience and your chance to say you support a team different than the norm. For those desperate to see Premiership action; Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Fulham, Crystal Palace and West Ham all compete with the best. 

31. Croquet is a quintessentially English past-time where players knock a ball through rings to win. A lot more fun than it sounds and your kids and your grannie will all be able to join in.

32. Pretend you're Andy Warhol in one of the many Art Galleries London has to offer. 'Derivative and not a patch on his early work...'. Just be sure you're looking at an artwork and not the emergency exit!

33. If you're feeling brave you might want to take a dip in one of Hampstead Heath's ponds. Possibly more fun in August than in February.

34. Hire a bike and hit the bricks. Cycle along the Thames and go at your own pace. It's a fun way to look around and it's good for you.

35. Feeding ducks is a past-time of many British children and has certainly stood the test of time. Take a loaf down to Richmond Bridge and enjoy.

36. Meet some people at a supper club and enjoy amazing fine dining, we recommend Marlon's Kitchen.

37. Learn how to climb at one of London's many indoor climbing walls. No experience necessary, a head for heights is all you need.

38. Improve your golf swing in the heart of London, much more fun when you substitute beers for walking.

39. Dans Le Noir in Clerkenwell is a culinary experience like no other. Meals are served in complete darkness to over-ride the dominant sense of sight!

40. I f you weren't cold enough on your visit to London, try the Ice Bar where the glasses the chairs, even the bar itself is made from ice. The bar is kept at a constant -5 (Celcius!) so upon heading back outside you should be feeling toasty.

41. Take the tube to Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world and watch a plane land every 90 seconds!

42. Put your foot to the pedal and the pedal to the floor at on of London's indoor Go-Kart tracks. You get fast while your mates get furious.

43. With five miles of bridleways threading through Hyde park and horses and ponies for all abilities this really is a spectacular day out. There is no beautiful setting for riding in a Capital City anywhere in the world.

44. See what incredible birdlife Cities have to offer at the London Wetlands Centre, home to Europe's best urban birdlife. Try and find the lesser-spotted Bill Oddie among the wildlife arguably the worlds most famous bird fan.

45. After bird-watching take a trip to Mudchute Farm, a 32 acre farm in the heart of London. Hundreds of animals for adults and kids to feed and interact with, surrounded by spectacular views of London.

46. Climb to the top of Primrose Hill - a great spot for the Instagrammers and roll back down again just like jack and jill, except without the pail of water or the broken crown hopefully.

47. Judge the winner of the Turner Prize, exhibited at the Tate Modern each December. Previous winners include an 'un-made bed' and 'the lights go on and off' so the standard is high...

48. Love Beer, walk the Bermondsey Beer Mile and experience a touch too many craft beers.

49. For UK residents, locate your local MP (easier said than done) and get them to organise a tour of Big Ben for you.

50. London is one of the best places in the world to watch stand up comedy  and there'll be laughs guaranteed all year round. Just remember not to sit in the front row!

51. Throw a tube party where everyone has to come dressed as a tube station. At London Stranger we recommend Elephant and Castle for pure comedy value.

52. More gruesome history at the London Bridge Experience. From Romans to Vikings to the head of William Wallace, this spooky interactive experience is bloody... and fun.

53. Take a tour of the Fullers Brewery in Chiswick and try some of the finest real ales around.

54. Go to the viewing gallery of the Old Bailey which has been delivering justice or lack thereof for hundreds of years. Shouting out is unadvisable unless you want to see the underground cells below!

55. Lose yourself in the mazes at Hampton Court Palace. The mazes have been traversed by Princes and Noblemen for 300 years and now it's your turn.

56. A night at the opera is a dazzling way to spend an evening in London. The Royal Opera House has a dazzling array of shows ranging from Ballet and Dance to Opera. Tickets don't need to be expensive if you are on a budget, it all depends on where you sit.

57. You have seen them cook on TV, now it's time to taste the food of your favourite celebrity chef.

58. Climb the steps at St Pauls and enjoy a panoramic view of London from a 17th Century Cathedral.

59. Join 2000 other Santa's in a 6k seasonal fun run. Entry fee is only 20 quid and that includes your Santa suit!

60. Test you and your friends general knowledge in a local pub quiz. Great fun early in the week and a great English tradition.

61. Be a part of Prime Ministers Question Time and see grown men and women yell at each other like 10-year-olds. It would be funny if they weren't running the country.

62. Visit the Cartoon Museum and see how cartoons have helped shape, inform and entertain society over the years. Educational and fun... Funducational!

63. Appreciate the courage and tragedy of war at the Imperial War MuseumChurchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. From the First World War to the present day these exhibits are extremely moving.

64. Walk under the Thames and London itself through the Greenwich Tunnel. Damaged during WW2; it is open and free to the public.

65. The Royal Observatory is where East meets West and you can stand in two Hemispheres while you ponder the mysteries of the universe at the Planetarium.

66. Be a part of History at the Ceremony of The Keys. Every night for 300 years at exactly seven minutes to 10 o'clock the ceremony takes place.

67. Quoth beer and watch dancing wenches and sword fights at a Medieval Banquet. Forsooth, why not?

68. Hiss, heckle and boo the actors at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre just like yesteryear... 'Hey Romeo, She's alive!'

69. It's often free to be an audience member on many TV programs and also often fun to see presenters fluff their lines and get annoyed.

70 Take a tour of the BBC, you may end up making a mock radio program or reading the news.

71. If you're critical of the NHS you may find it therapeutic to visit the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret museum. As it turns out things have come a long way since brandy and a leather strap constituted anesthetic.

72. See how the other half lives at the Chelsea Flower show. Not free to enter so you may want to be sure you really like flowers before you pay.

73. Take a narrow boat tour through what is affectionately known as Little Venice. great food and a great atmosphere as well as being close to both Camden Lock, markets, Regents Park and London Zoo.

74. Take a tour of Highgate Cemetery, residents of which include Karl Marx, Douglas Adams and... Jeremy Beadle.

75. If you're an Australian this may be a bit of a busman's holiday but for everyone else a look at the sharks at the London Aquarium is a good day out. They may even have a unqiue three headed fish from the Thames!

76. Enjoy the British tradition and camaraderie of a Piano Sing a Long.  

77. Visit London's famous Trafalgar Square where, under the watchful eye of Admiral Nelson, all sorts of political and artistic theatrics may be going at any given time. A great spot for the keen people watchers among you.

78. Get your dancing shoes on and head down to Clapham Common for the SW4 Festival. A must-do for fans of electronic music.

79. Did you ever wonder what happened to soap opera stars after their characters got killed? Head down to one of London's many pantomimes at Christmas time and find out.

80. Vogue at London Fashion Week and make sure you're fashion forward because 'One day you're in and the next, you're OUT!'

81. If dressing up in 70's gear and systematically missing every single pin whilst wearing someone else's shoes sounds like fun then get yourself down to one of London's themed bowling alleys.

82. Brixton Market is a unique Caribbean/African/South American atmosphere with great music and fantastic food. You can't help but be swept in this great market.

83. For many people Boxing Day is a day for being hungover and watching Jurassic Park. Not so in London with the annual Boxing Day sales. 'Shop til you drop' is taken to a whole new and terrifying level. 

84. Trying new food in London couldn't be easier. Try different food from around the world every day, there are more options than you could ever want. Check out out our country community pages.

85. Have your photo taken at the Bobby Moore statue at Wembley. As well as football, Wembley also hosts some of the biggest musical acts in the world.

86. Challenge your mates to game of table football in Bar Kick in Shoreditch.

87. Order a bottle of champagne and wear sunglasses indoors at one of London's exclusive clubs off New Kings Road or Mayfair. Who knows you might leave with a Prince or a C-List celebrity. Be prepared to hurt your credit card.

88. Build a snowman, make a snow angel or have a snowball fight on a winter's day in the park. London Stranger cannot however guarantee snow.

89. Join an amateur sports team and meet new people. London boasts more different competitive sports than anywhere else in the world so you should find one you like. If there isn't there is always snooker. Check out our sports page in this section to find a team.

90. Suit up and hit one of London's many private casinos. Try your luck at roulette or sit down to a hand of poker. Just try not to play against someone who looks like a Bond villain with a tooth pick in their mouth. Check out our gambling pages to find a casino.

91. Take the train from Charing Cross to Chislehusrt in Kent to explore caves that were once home to Druids, Saxons and Romans.

92. Pretend you are a monkey for a day by trying to navigate a Go Ape tree top course.

93. Take away a skittle and substitute the bowling ball with cheese and you've got yourself a good time! 

94. Dust off your red headed friend (if you have one) and dress in your best wizard clothes as you tour Harry Potter Studios.

95. Everybody loves a chance to dress in their best threads and their is no better occasion than Polo in the park. The sport for the rich is a great social occasion.

96. So you may not bump into one of the many A or B grade celebs that live in London, don't despair you can still get your photo taken with them at Madam Tussauds.

97. Love music, enjoy a gig in the intimate surroundings of a bar or club, the way music should be presented. Many great acts cut their teeth in the London music scene and many future great acts are doing the same now!

98. View London from a different angle in the best possible style, ideally with a glass of Vino or cold beer in hand.

99. A trip to the Science Museum is not just for geeks, you will realise how much you are enjoying it when you are battling little kids to use some of the interactive attractions they have on display. 

100. When the grey of London is getting you down it is time to go green and head to Kew Gardens.  

101. Enjoy the excitement of multi cultural London. St Patrick's Day head to an Irish bar to celebrate, put on your best clogs and head to De Hems when the Dutch play football, see in the Chinese new year in China Town. Watch the Superbowl in one of the many American establishment's scattered across the city. What ever the major occasion is around the world, there is an expat community celebrating it in London. Check out our community pages to find some hidden fun in London

102. Get yourself on the big screen or small screen. How? Apply with a casting agency. You don't know unless you give it a go.