Spanish in London

Spanish in London

Are you a Spaniard in London, or someone looking to experience Spanish culture in the capital? If so, here is where you will find everything related to Spain in London.


Estimated Spanish population in London: 50,000

Most Spanish Populated Areas: West London (Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Holborn)

Spanish Embassy: 39 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8SB. Ph: 020 7235 5555

Famous Inspirational London Stranger: Catherine of Aragon was born in Madrid, but came to London when she was 15 in 1501. Shortly after, she became Queen of England as the first of the 6 wives of King Henry VIII. This marriage was behind the split in the church, as King Henry VIII, frustrated by the lack of a future heir and having fallen in love with his mistress Anne Boleyn, looked to have his marriage annulled, something the Catholic church would not allow.

Spanish in London: The Spanish population in London has grown considerably in the last ten years, partly due to many global companies having a European head office based in London and looking to sell and market products in Spanish speaking countries. When doing so, they often seek to employ native speakers from Spain. There is a lot of Spanish influence in and around London with many bars and restaurants.


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Image result for spanish flag Barrafina An authentic tapas bar situated in Soho serving both traditional and innovative plates. This popular little spot gets very busy, and with only 23 stool around an L shaped bar, it is best to arrive early to avoid disappoitment.

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Image result for spanish flag Spanish Community Groups/Associations in London 

Image result for spanish flag BritishSpanish Society: Is a registered charity that aims to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Britian and Spain through knowledge of each other's customs, institutions, history and way of life.