Polish in London

Polish in London

Are you a Polski in London or someone looking to experience Polish culture in the capital? If so here is where you will find everything that is Poland in London.


Population: Estimated 150,00 Polish speaking

Main Areas: Hammersmith, Fulham, Acton, Ealing, Shepherds Bush, Haringy, Enfield

Embassy:47 Portland Place, London W1B 1JH, Ph: 020 7291 3520

Famous London Stranger: Sir Jack Cohen was born in London, his father was from Poland and is famous for founding the supermarket chain Tesco.

Polish in London: The Polish community in London can be defined in three different areas. There are the war veterans who settled here after the 2nd World War. There are their children and grandchildren who still have strong links to Poland despite being second and third generation and their is the big wave of Polish who have made London their home since Poland were allowed into the EU in 2004.


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Polish restaurants London Polish Restaurants and Bars in London

White Eagle Club (Balham) Polish social club that has a restaurant, shows live sport and runs lots of events.

 Ognisko (South Kensington) Fine dining Polish style in London. Those seeking quality Eastern European fare or wanting to experience a bar with an large selections of Vodkas and Polish beers should head to Ognisko. 

 Patio Restaurant (Shepherd's Bush) Based close to Westfield, this restaurant serves quality Polish food at reasonable prices in a friendly and homely setting.

 Bar Polski (Holborn) Modern Polish bar with a selection of over 50 vodkas to choose from, a good range of Polish beers  traditional Polish menu serving delicious home cooked food. 

Polish delis london Polish Bakeries/Deli's

 Enca Food (Fulham) Enca Food is London's oldest Polish Deli and sells a wide variety of Polish Meats, fresh bread and home made dishes. They stock a wide range of food, drinks and magazines from Poland and are a favourite business to the local Fulham community because of the great value for money the Deli provides. If there is something you want Caroline will get it for you.  

Polish services London Polish Services in London

 Polish Radio (London): Listen to music and news in Polish.

 Orla FM: Polish radio station that can be listened to online and using your mobile.

 Cooltura: Weekly magazine for Polish people.

 ELondyn: Community based website for Polish people.

 Mojawyspa: Community based website for Polish people living in Britain.

Polish community London Polish Community Groups/Associations in London

 Polish Cultural Institute: Promotes Polish Visual Art, Theatre, Film, Literature and events in the heart of London.

 British Polish Chamber of Commerce: Organisation that helps trade and investment between Poland and the United Kingdom. They run events, provide important information and support and can help develop business opportunities. 

 Polish Church: Roman Catholic church in Putney and Wimbledon.

 Polish Church: Roman Catholic Church in Angel.

 Polish Church: Roman Catholic Church in Ealing. 

 Polish Church: Roman Catholic Church in Shepherds Bush.

 Polish Church: Roman Catholic Church in Balham.

 White Eagle Club (Balham): Polish social club that has a restaurants, shows live sport and runs lots of events.