germans in London

Germans in London

Are you a German in London or someone looking to experience German culture in the capital? If so here is where you will find everything related to Germany in London.


Estimated German population in London: 60,000

Main Areas: Richmond, (spread about) 

Embassy23 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 2PZ  Ph: 0207 824 1300

Famous/Inspirational London Stranger: When it comes to inspirational strangers in London you can’t go any higher than the Royal Family. The Royal family’s original name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha which is German, they changed it in 1917 to Windsor. Unfortunately as a German expat you are unlikely to succeed in reaching such heights unless you marry a Royal! 

Germans & London: Germans visiting/Living in London should expect and hopefully enjoy friendly banter with the British due to recent historic events that include some major football tournament results mainly in Germany's favour (although you won't stop hearing about 1966) and many British peoples failure to obtain a sun lounge when holidaying. Fortunately the rivalry now is really just a bit of fun as Germans have developed a great reputation in the UK. Germany and the United Kingdom have become major trading partners which has opened up many career  opportunities in London where German language skills are sought. The German community is well established in London and includes a school in picturesque Richmond as well as various bars, restaurants and shops spread around London.  


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German bars in London German Restaurants and Bars in London

 Zietgiest (Lambeth) Stylish German Gastro Pub hidden away in the streets of Lambeth, worth the journey for a German food, beer or football fix. 

Katzenjammers (London Bridge) Katzenjammers is the perfect nearby place to visit after a stroll through the Borough market as your mouth is likely to be watering for some hearty food and of course quality beer which the Germans are second to none at producing. 

Steins (Kingston, Richmond, Kensington) Steins has 3 different restaurants - Kingston - where you feel like you are still on you alpine holiday - inside this Victorian river cottage it looks like an alpine log cabin and the terrace overlooking the river is fantastic on a summer's day. Richmond - the original Bavarian beer garden on the banks of the river Thames - hugely popular with the locals and the parents of the nearby German school and Kensington the urban version of a German restaurant - chique yet relaxed and cosy. Main feature is a huge recycled church bell in front of the bar! The terrace at the back of the building is a hidden gem.


German bakeries London German Food/Bakeries/Deli's 

 Hansel and Pretzel (Hammersmith/Richmond) If you have ever been to Greggs you will realise there is a need for a proper bakery in London and Hansel and Pretzel is one of them. They are a deli that sells freshly baked breads, pretzels, pastries and cakes as well as having an excellent selection of quality meats and German groceries.

 Limpopo (Acton) Limpopo is a South African butchers but one that has become very popular amongst the German community in London because of the quality pork sausages and other meats they have on offer.

German Shops London German Shops in London 

 The German Book Shop The place to go for German books

 Grant and Cutler Part of Foyles book store and has an impressive collection of German literature 

German Services in london German Services in London

Richmond Practice: German Doctors (Ph 0208 940 5009, Richmond, Surrey) For medical emergencies, health checks, ultrasound, private pregnancy scans, STD screens and corporate health care. Doctors: GPs, female gynaecologists and obstetricians, paediatrician and radiologist.

 Thurloe Dental Practice: German Dentist (21 Thurloe Place, Kensington SW7 2SP, Ph: 0808 231 9879)- They offer a wide variety of treatments, such as implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene, laser gum treatment,orthodontics, tooth whitening as well as general dentistry.

German Television in London: Contact Gunther Schwartz for German Satelite television. Ph: 07785 317885 or email him.

German community London Community Groups/Associations in London

 German School (Deutsch Schule London): (Richmond, Ph 0208 940 2510) The school has an excellent reputation amongst German Expats and is set in beautiful surroundings. 

 German Choir of London (Kinghtsbridge): To find out more about the Deutsch choir in London click on the link.

 German Protestant Churches in London: Services based in Luton/St Albans, Sydenham and Central London, click on link for information.

 German British Chamber of Commerce: Helps German businesses trade in the United Kingdom.

German Sports London German Sports in London

If you are looking to watch Budesliga try the pubs listed above or alternatively try The Famous Three Kings Pub in West Kensington.

 German Businesses in London

Deutsche Bank: One of the worlds leading financial service providers.