Argentinians in London

Argentinians in London

Are you an Argentinian in London or someone looking to experience Argentine culture in the capital? If so, here is where you will find everything related to Argentina in London.

Argentinian Population in London: 5,000

Main Areas for Argentine Expats in London: Wandsworth, South London

Argentinian Embassy65 Brook Street, Westminster, London, W1K 4AH, Ph: 0207 318 1300

Famous Inspirational Argentine London Stranger: Martin Ron (graffiti and street-art artist from Buenos Aires)

Celebrations/Events: November - Latin American Film Festival

Argentinians and London: The Argentine community, like other expat Latin communities in London, is growing. Due to the Argentine population in London, numerous steakhouses have been introduced, meaning it is now possible to get a great steak in London. Thank you Argentina!

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Argentine restaurants in London Argentine Restaurants and Bars in London

 Buen Ayre Already a favourite with Argentinian expats, the down to earth steakhouse serves authentic and reasonably priced Argentine food in the east end of London.

 Bariloche An Argentinian Grill and Bar based in Battersea. With all of its beef and chimmichuri imported from Argentina, it constantly serves high quality steak at great value for money prices. 

Gaucho A famous Argentine steak house serving high end food in a few locations across London.

 Marlon's Kitchen Marlon is a South American chef who has worked in many international and Michelin star restaurants. He now runs a catering business and supper club serving South American and European dishes. 

 Argentine Food/Delis in London

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 Argentine Services in London

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Argentine community London Argentine Community Groups/Associations in London

 Anglo-Argentine Society UKThis is a social group that runs events for expat Argentines and those wanting to associate with the UK Argentine community. Events include Art Exhibitions, Musical concerts/festivals and other social oaccasions. Any money raised goes to charities in the UK. 

 Aparu: (Assoication of Argentine Professionals UK): A charity and social networking group for professional workers at any stage in their career that runs events to raise money for good causes in Argentina.

 Sobal: (Society of British and Argentina Lawyers): Social networking group with the aim of brining business, legal and cultural links between laywers in the UK and Argentina.

Huracan FC: Is an amateur football club with an affiliation two its namesake back in Argentina. They play home games at Clapham Common.

 Arenin: is a website that provides information  to the Argentine community in the UK.