money saving tips for household bills

Save Money Household Bills


save on gas and electricity bills in London Save on Gas and Electricity Bills 

Use comparison websites such as Hoppy or Energy helpline to source the best deal for you. Don't be afraid to switch. You can save significant money by reviewing gas/electricity suppliers annually/or at contract completion, so make it a habit to ensure you get the best deal for you. The difference in choosing the right plan for you can be over £400 per year!

A lot of suppliers can help you save more money if you pay by direct debit.

For some excellent tips on saving money on energy look at the Energy Saving Trust's website. When viewing a property to buy/rent always check to see that it has double glazed windows as that can reduce heating bills and keep the home warm.


save money on council tax Council Tax

If you are renting or looking to buy a property factor in the annual cost of council tax you will need to pay as it varies between boroughs use our council tax comparison to give you a guide. Eg council tax in Wandsworth is significantly cheaper than that in Hammersmith & Fulham despite being neighboring boroughs.

You can get a 25% discount off your council tax bill for being a sole occupant or having students in your property. You can also receive a reduction in your council tax if you have a disability or have someone under care in the home (sadly family pets don't count).


save on insurance bills Save on Insurance Bills

The idea of insurance is to protect you and save you money from the unpredictable should it occur. Use comparison websites to source the insurance you might need to get the best quote for you. Some good websites to use are Confused, Compare the Market and Hoppy.

Car insurance can be super expensive so before considering buying a car check that you are happy to take on the insurance costs (think a £1000 plus) which are a necessity first. Other options such as Zip Car or Blue City may be worth considering if needing occasional access to a car. If you do decide to buy a car make sure you have changed your licence to a UK one as that will reduce the costs.



save on home telecommunications Save on Home Phone/Internet/Television Bills

There are lots of options to choose when looking at home telecom costs such as landline, internet and TV. Add in online services such as Netflix and Amazon and your bills can rise. So decide what you need or don't need and then use a site such as Hoppy to help decide which is the best package for you. Factor into the cost of the annual TV licence which covers the BBC and is an annual expense for everyone with a television device in their home.

Save on Grocery Bills

We need to eat so food bills along with household items can become expensive. Make a conscious effort to keep these bills low.

  • Join up to all the supermarket schemes relevant to your area as they will reward you for loyalty e.g Tesco Clubcard, Sainsbury Nectar card, Waitrose etc
  • Plan your shop don't depend on the smaller version of stores which can be more expensive as they have less options. 
  • My Supermarket is good site to compare grocery prices with all the major supermarkets.
  • Buy online at least once if you can as the supermarkets will usually offer an attractive scheme to join e.g £20 off first shop when spending £70. Make sure you buy online with a deal the first time. Hunt around on the internet for such deals. 
  • Buy home brands where you are happy to do so.
  • Learn when your local supermarkets discount items. Bargains can be found usually between 7-8pm. There is no better feeling than scoring a Waitrose Chicken for £1.50 (actually there is but it is still a good feeling) 
  • Street Markets and local shops such as Butchers can sometimes be cheaper than the supermarket. Learn your area.
  • Use the discount stores such as Savers, Superdrug and Wilko to source household and personal cleaning items. 
  • If you drink coffee regularly consider getting a coffee machine to replace getting your fix from a cafe and in doing so save yourself money. Two coffee's bought in cafe a day can amounts to £2000 plus a year!