save on London's Attractions

Money Saving Tips for Seeing London's Attractions and Events

London has more tourist attractions than any other city in the world, so planning is important in deciding what you want to see. It is also important to plan as you can save quite a bit of money and time in queues. 


money saving tips for London's tourist attractions Tips for Saving Money on London's Tourist Attractions

  • Many of London’s attractions are free including most of the museums and art galleries.
  • For the attractions that do charge it is worth purchasing tickets online as these attractions will often offer discounts for online purchases and can also save you time queuing.
  •  Discount-London and Attraction Tix are worth comparing for different attractions.
  • If you plan your sightseeing well London Pass is a ticket that covers entry for a wide range of attractions and can be used for the period of time you bought it for. If used well it can save you considerable money.
  • The Days out Guide offer 2 for price of 1 ticket for various landmark attractions in London provided you present a daily train ticket to the ticket box. Check website with link for more specific details.  
  • Daily Deal websites offer heavily discounted deals to a wide variety of entertainment e.g movie tickets, theatre, dining out, attractions and special events. These sites are well worth registering with GrouponLiving Social, Mighty DealsWowcher and Last Minute.
  • Cashback websites offer you cash back for booking an event or product through them. E.g you might pay £100 for a ticket but you receive £10 back in cash. It is worth registering and following Fat CheeseTop Cashback and Quidco for offers.


Money Saving Tips for Major Events/Festivals

  • Some well known festivals and sporting events e.g. Royal Ascot offer early bird discounts for people who purchase tickets well in advance. Your Glastonbury or Lord's Ashes test is unlikely to do this though as they will be well subscribed.
  • Viagogo and Seatwave are ticket reselling websites that can enable you to get heavily discounted tickets on the listed/face price for an event, but beware they can also prove more costly in some cases. Do your research to the event you want to go to and who knows you might score a bargain.
  • If you have missed out on a ticket to a festival or sporting event that you really want to attend option B is working and be paid at the same time. Contact and register your details with the following websites that will get you into festivals/sports for free whilst at the same time giving you a chance to earn money. OxfamFestaff, VSC Workers Beer. Keep a look out for jobs online on websites such as the Gumtree and dont be afraid to do your own research by finding out which companies have the contracts for the events you want to work and contact them direct.