Finding work with recruitment agencies

Tips for finding work with recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies play a prominent part in the UK job market so it is important to register with those that handle the most relevant vacancies to yourself.

  • Register with as many as you feel fit, don’t get caught in the trap of depending on one or two to find you work.
  • Spend time researching the agencies best suited to your skillset.
  • Place your CV on job boards will hopefully help recruiters get in touch with you.
  • When sending your CV always follow up with a call to establish a personal connection with a recruiter and make them aware you are interested and have sent your CV to them.
  • Once registered contact them regularly every 3-5 days particularly if looking for temp work. This will keep you in their minds for when work does come in.
  • Those seeking office based work are able to register face to face with high street agencies. (Office Angels, Reed, Brook Street etc). Applying directly face to face is an opportunity to make a great impression on recruiters and increase your chances of finding work quickly; so be positive, dress professionally, be friendly and build rapport to gain the recruiters confidence. The better impression you make the better chance the recruiter will choose you over other temps/candidates when filling a vacancy.
  • Don't pay any money to a recruitment agent to help you find work. This is illegal so if an agency wants to charge you, go elsewhere
  • Use recruitment agencies as a information source but in doing so remember there is a level of self interest with what they tell you given they can make money from placing you. That said they can provide you with helpful tips in finding work in the industry you seek.