getting a UK Bank Account 

Getting a Bank Account in the United Kingdom

To work in the United Kingdom you will need to open a UK bank account for money to be paid into. This can prove difficult for new comer's as banks will seek a proof of address something that can be difficult as you find your feet and may not look to settle until you secure permanent work.

You will need proof of identification (Your passport with relevant working visa should be enough) as well as a proof of address (usually two of council tax bill, home phone bill, gas/electricity bill, water bill

The proof of address is where things get difficult although be positive some banks are less strict than others and this also goes for branches of the same bank so it can be a bit of luck when approaching banks to open a bank account. If one bank says no try another. 

If you don't have an address see if you a friend will let you use their address for this correspondence.

Ways of getting around the proof of address issue can be:

- Registering with your local Doctor will mean you will be issued with a NHS number, this will have your address on it and this may help with some banks in proving your UK Address.

Ask recruitment agencies you have registered with/your employer: if they could write a letter to the bank they have a relationship with stating your address and that you are working and therefore require a bank account. 

- Register for your National Insurance Number and use the documentation they send as proof of address. Beware this process may take considerable time.

***You may find opening a UK bank account relatively easy or you may find it more difficult. It sometimes comes to luck with who you speak to. If it does not happen initially when you arrive in the UK don't panic, it will be something that you will eventually sort itself out with a touch of persistence.   


Helpful tips to getting a UK Bank AccountHelpful tips to setting up a UK Bank Account

If you are struggling to get a bank account open, 1stcontact are likely to be able to assist you although you have to pay them a fee to do so. I would always try and do it myself first or through a recruitment agency that wont charge but can give you an introduction.