Tips for approaching companies direct to find work

Networking and Approaching Companies Directly to find work in London

  • Many jobs are found through word of mouth, so it is always worth contacting friends and colleagues you know in London to see if they are aware of any relevant job opportunities.
  • Make sure you have your profile listed on linkedin with an up to date location. Make it as detailed as possible and don’t be afraid to put a personal email/UK mobile number on it so that those interested in your profile can easily contact you.
  • An easy way of searching relevant companies is through Linkedin (do an advanced company search to source relevant companies.)
  • Look up exhibitions that could be relevant to your industry. Check out their exhibitor list, this can also act as a database for potential companies that could be worth approaching. To find exhibitions that are on look at Olympia and Excel London Centres. Also search your industry for exhibitions online.
  • Keep track of companies you are interested in and document which ones have a job board on their websites and check regularly for new positions advertised. Only view the job board as a guide as many companies will have vacancies they forget to advertise on their own internal job board.
  • Don't be afraid to contact companies directly for work. Companies like candidates who do this as it shows initiative, it saves them money and it is a good indication the candidate is genuinely interested in working for them.
  • When approaching companies look to communicate with both HR as well as any relevant hiring heads. Relevant hiring managers can be a good source of information, if they don't have a position they may know someone in the industry who might!
  • Remember approaching companies directly is the best way to find the work you want!


helpful tip for finding work direct Super stranger Tip

Even though you are relocating to a new city/country there are ways of developing a network quite quickly. If the industry you want to work on is having an exhibition or event get business cards made up and introduce yourself to those representing there companies at the event or exhibition. Collect business cards and send your CV to the contacts you met and built rapport with.  Facebook is another useful networking tool.