greenwich sightseeing

Greenwich Sightseeing via Tower of London


Tower of London, Thames River Cruise, Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Royal Naval College, Cutty Sark, Greenwich Meridian, National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Planetarium, Greenwich Market, The O2 (Climb the O2), Sky Studios, Emirates Air Line Cable Car.


The trip involves 2 Ferry's (Tower Pier to Greenwich Pier/ Greenwich Pier to Nth Greenwich Pier) and a cable car ride from Nth Greenwich

Important Things to Know

  • Make sure you do a tour of the Tower of London with a Beefeater. They commence at 10am (this is the one you want to be there for). The Tower of London opens at 9am Tuesday-Saturday and 10am Sunday-Monday
  • If looking to Climb the O2 book in advance and ideally as late as possible to give you time to see the other attractions.
  • At the end of the day consider heading to Wapping for a well deserved beer at the Prospect of Whitby and then a beer at the Mayflower.

Money Saving Tips

  • London Pass provided excellent value and gets you into Tower of London (Adults £24.70)  Thames Cruise Tower of London-Greenwich Pier  (Adults £19)  Cutty Sark  (Adults £15)  Royal Observatory (Adults  £16) Fan Museum (£5)
  • Free Attractions include Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park, Queens House, Greenwich Market, Greenwich Meridian, Sky Studios.
  • Use your Oyster Card for the Emirates Air Line Cable Car and the boat ride between Greenwich Pier and Nth Greenwich. If not using a London Pass you can use your Oyster Card to catch a boat from Tower Pier to Greenwich Pier.

Your Adventure

Tower of London


A= Tower Hill Station  B= London Wall  C= All Hallows by the Tower  D= Tower of London  E= Tower Pier

Catch the boat from Tower Pier to Greenwich Pier


Greenwich Pier to the Queens House



A= Tower Pier  B= Greenwich Foot Tunnel  C= Cutty Sark  D= Greenwich Market  E= National Maritime Museum F= Queens House

Queens House to Greenwich Pier



A= Queens House  B= Prime Meridian C= Royal Observatory  D= The Wilderness Park  E= The Fan Museum  F= Royal Naval College  G= Greenwich Pier

Boat Greenwich Pier to North Greenwich Pier

North Greenwich Pier to Emirates Air Cable Car


A= Nth Greenwich Pier  B= Sky Studios  C= Up at the O2  D= Now Gallery  E= Emirates Airline Greenwich Peninsula Terminal

Emirates Cable Car to Royal Victoria Station



A= Emirates Royal Docks  B= Royal Victoria Station

Catch the train from Royal Victoria Station to Canary Wharf or Tower Gateway and change there for the Underground. 

London Stranger Tip:

Finish the day experiencing the Prospect of Whitby and Mayflower pubs.

Catch the train from Royal Victoria to Shadwell, change and catch the train to Wapping. Turn right out of the station and walk to the Prospect of Whitby Pub (wonderful pub once frequented by smugglers and pirates). From the Prospect of Whitby walk back to Wapping Station and catch the train to Rotherhithe 1 stop. Walk to the famous Mayflower pub (where the first pilgrims left for the USA). Both these pubs are almost museums in their own right.



catch train from Royal Victoria to Shadwell and then catch train to Wapping.

A= Wapping Station  B= Prospect of Whitby

catch train from Wapping to Rotherhithe

A= Rotherhithe Station  B= The Mayflower Pub