Prospect of Whitby (Wapping)

The Prospect of Whitby is a pub with a very interesting history as it was previously known as the Devil's Tavern being a popular place to drink for smugglers, pirates and thieves. It is also has a symbolic hanging noose on site which is a symbolic reminder of hanging Judge Jeffries who during the 17th century favored this location as a place to hang those who broke the law. The history is not the only reason to venture to this pub for a Vino or pint. The pub sits on a great location on the Thames and possesses a great atmosphere. For strangers from countries where chilled glasses are the norm this is one of the few places in the UK which I have had the pleasure of drinking beer from one. It must be said that was a while back so am hoping that is still the case.

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  • 57 Wapping Wall,
    E1W 3SH
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