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London's best bars, shops and restaurants for cheese lovers


London Skittles, Hampstead

You can go cheese bowling at The Freemasons Arms in Hampstead where a traditional bowling ball is replaced with a lump of cheese and rather rolling it - it is thrown at the skittles!

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Le Beaujolais, Covent Garden

France's finest is in the capital and they know what good cheese is!

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The Cheese Truck, Various locations

That's right there's a cheese truck which can be found in various locations in London seeling the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

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The Cheese Wheel in Camden

Like pasta and cheese? This is the place for you and great for taking pics!

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Paxton and Whitfield, Chelsea and Westminster

A long established cheese shop established in 1797 selling the best cheeses from around the world with other bits such as pickles, ales and biscuits for cheese.

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St Moritz, Soho

London's oldest Swiss restaurant which serves the best fondue with Swiss themed décor to make you feel like you're in the mountains!

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Updated: 7:51am on 28th August 2019


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Written by: Jeremy Cogden