Marlon's Kitchen....A Secret Supper Club that Foodies will Love


A wonderful night of social dining with amazing food

Marlon’s Kitchen is a secret you will want to tell your foodie friends about. The formula for their supper club is simple amazing food with a group of sociable people many who are loyal customers of Marlon’s cooking which is always a great sign. 

Marlon started the business with his partner Lana 6 years ago having spent 15 years learning his trade in a variety of first class and Michelin star restaurants in Colombia (his native home), Spain and London. Although they do one of the supper clubs from their home in West Brompton, this is not a “come dine with me” disaster, you are coming to be fed by a Master chef with an opportunity to meet new people of all types in a friendly and warm environment.

A perfectionist with a true passion for food (he has tattoos of an onion and a garlic on his neck…two important ingredients for great food). The supper club is about Marlon bringing his flair and passion for the kitchen……and you the customer benefiting from his skill and talent.


The Experience

See the highlights from the menu below...




Chickpea pasty - Aji


Fish roe and cabbage tamale


Pork Belly - Salsify - Physalis


Pineapple ice cream - Green plantain - Red chili coulis


The Good news………….you to can experience Marlon’s Kitchen and discover the secret

Supper Club, Catering, Cooking Lessons, Street-Food.

Marlon’s Kitchen run supper clubs (West Brompton) on a regular basis, they also offer both offsite and onsite catering for businesses and individual celebrations. For something different and high quality food it is good value for money. While Marlon’s Kitchen markets itself as Colombian Fusion, Marlon is completely capable of producing a bespoke menu to pretty much any cuisine you fancy that will have your guests talking. 

Contact Lana 07947 914360 or the Marlons Kitchen website