Russians in London

Russians in London

Are you a Russian living in London or someone seeking Russian culture in the capital? If so here you will find everything you need to know about Russia in London.


Estimated Russian population in London: 150,000

Main Areas: Kensington

Embassy6-7 Kensington Palace Gardens, Kensington, London, W8 4QP. Ph: 0207 229 6412

Famous London StrangerRoman Abramovich (Billionaire, Chelsea owner). His money has brought success to Chelsea who are now also nicknamed Chelski for the Russians influence. Not much is known about the Russian mystery man. 

Russians and London: London has been nicknamed Londongrad because of the expat Russians attracted to London. There have also been some intriguing spy stories with Anna Chapman a beautiful spy sent home by the US who lived in London and married a British guy and Alexander Litvinenko being poisoned to death after criticising President Putin in two books of staging bombings to help bring him power. 


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Russian restaurants London Russian Bars and Restaurants in London

 Mari Vanna (Knightsbridge) With a decor that feels like a cross between someone's lounge room and a museum, Mari Vanna is very difficult to describe but easy to be captivated by once you are there. If you are after authentic Russian food this is one place you must try. 

Russian delis london Russian Food/Deli's

 Enca Food (Fulham) Delicatessen that sells many of the favourites from both Poland and Russia.

 Russian Services in London 

Russian community London Russian Community Groups/Associations in London

 London Intellectual Games Club: Games club for those looking to stimulate the brain.

 Russian Students

 GB - Russia Society

 Russian - British Chamber of Commerce

 Nebosvod: Online community forum for Russians in London.



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