Top 10 people to follow on Social Media in the UK

So you've just touched down in London and are probably sitting in a pub browsing through your social media, wondering why you ever left the sandy beaches or warmer climates at home... To help you get into the British lifestyle we've outlined the top 10 must follows on social media when moving to/living in London!


Piers Morgan

Like Marmite (or Vegemite for the Aussies reading this) you either love him or hate him. He is though, undeniably the King of Twitter! With his honest opinions and engaging ‘discussions’ with other twitter heavy-weights Piers Morgan is a must follow!

Interesting fact: He won the USA Celebrity Apprentice season 7 in 2008, judged by Donald Trump! and for our sports fan he bowled out all-time greatest batsmen Brian Lara for a duck in a charity cricket match.



Boris Johnson

You don’t get more British than Boris Johnson, the loveable buffoon was also the Mayor of London until recently and it’s hard to take your eye off his clumsy antics.

Interesting fact: He went to School and University with David Cameron – a long running rivalry which has now moved onto world leader rivalry status.



Demi Rose

The new ‘Queen of Instagram’ has amassed a huge social media following in the last few months – think Britain does Kim Kardashian!

Interesting fact: She dated Kylie Jenner’s, of the Kardashian clan, ex Tyga.



Peter Crouch

England’s answer to Lionel Messi and the most likeable footballer you’ll ever come across – check out his page for constant lolz.

Interesting fact: Was a Chelsea FC season ticket holder before becoming a pro footballer but never played for Chelsea.



Gordon Ramsey

Rude, hasty and potty mouthed - everything you’d expect from a chef – send him a picture of your cooking to get an honest review.

Interesting fact: Was a pro footballer in Scotland, playing for Rangers in their youth team before becoming a chef.



James Blunt

One hit wonder pop star has literally completed twitter! Just scroll through his feed to see why.

Interesting fact: Was in the British Army before becoming a pop artists.



Liam Gallagher

A true rock star the Oasis front man doesn’t hold back on Twitter and continues his infamous feud with Brother Noel – as you were!

Interesting fact: He didn’t get into music until his late teens after he got into a fight with a local rival school, was hit over the head and subsequently had an outer body experience which got him into music. 




An English rose – famed for reality TV and recently won ‘Im a celebrity get me out of here’ a show where celebs are plonked in a jungle for a few weeks and pushed to their limits, she won the nations hearts over and now presents day time TV.

Interesting fact: She has a law degree and eventually wants to get into law and politics.



Holly Willoughby

The country’s favourite TV presenter - loves to party (can often be seen on morning TV feeling the effects of last night’s session), doesn’t have a bad bone in her and is the most likeable person on our TV screens.

Interesting fact: She used to get stage freight when she first got into acting/presenting at age 14.



Ricky Gervais

World famous comedian, expect pictures of him with his cat in the bath.

Interesting fact: He’s been dating the same woman since 1982 but doesn’t want to have kids as worried they will grow up to become little brats.


Updated: 8:39am on 24th July 2018


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Written by: Jeremy Cogden