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If you are new to London and the UK the first thing you are going to have to accept is that you will be exposed to English football. Football becomes far more interesting if you follow a team and a must do experience is to watch a football game live in the UK.

What team should you support and watch live? This is a decision you will need to make but here is our guide to the professional football teams based in London...


North London

Arsenal (Play at the Emirates Stadium)

Arsenal are historically one of the top clubs in the Premier League era, being the only side to go a full season unbeaten. In recent years they have become a team who usually finishes inside the top 4 enabling them to qualify for the Champions League, although there has been increased pressure on Manager Arsene Wenger in the media and from fans with Arsenal fan TV becoming a cult online hit amongst all football fans as more is generally expected from the club and often selling players to rival clubs in the Premier League.


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Ticket prices: £26 - £95

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Tottenham Hotspurs (Play at Wembley - Soon to be moving to new stadium)

Tottenham are a club with a rich history of success although recent times they have been threatened to be good, fans have been frustrated by their arch rivals Arsenal success and building of a new stadium. Tottenham are still playing catch up but are always close. Arsenal and Chelsea have won the Premiership relatively recently, Tottenham have the potential to do so but it has been a while so if they do it will be a great party. You are jumping on less of a bandwagon if supporting Tottenham ahead of Arsenal and Chelsea. They are in the midst of building a new stadium and with rising stars such as Harry Kane and Dele Alli on the world stage Tottenham and becoming one of the countries top clubs.


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Ticket prices: £20 - £75

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Watford (Play at Vicarage Road)

Watford are a club based in nearby Hertfordshire and are another mid range club that hovers between the Premiership and Championship. They have previously been owned by Elton John with coincided with the time the finished runner up in the FA Cup in 1984. If you are a massive Elton John fan follow him and support Watford.


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Ticket prices: £36 - £42

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South London


Crystal Palace (Play at Sellhurst Park)

Crystal Palace are another South London club with a strong rivalry with local clubs Millwall and Charlton. They are a mid range club that hovers between the Championship and Premiership. They will never be world beaters but will always try and make their fans proud.


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Ticket prices: £27 - £50

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AFC Wimbledon (Play at Kingsmeadow)

AFC Wimbledon were formed by fans in the 21st century after their original club the Wimbledon Dons relocated to Milton Keynes. The club rose through lower divisions to reach the football league in 2008 and in doing so broke the record for most consecutive games without a defeat. 


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Ticket prices: £17 - £29

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Millwall emblem

Millwall (Play at The Den)

If you go to a Millwall game make sure you support Millwall as they have a reputation for fans that take their passion a touch too far. Millwall are a proud club who almost pulled off a miracle by reaching the final of the FA Cup in which they lost to Manchester United at the last hurdle. Millwall have been depicted in films several times highlighting the clubs hooligan firm the "Bushwackers" these include "The Firm", "Green Street" and "Football Factory".


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Ticket prices: £20 - £30

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East London


West Ham (Play at London Stadium)

West Ham is a club with a rich history and some success that include winning 3 FA Cups. They have never fallen below the Championship division but have never won the Premiership/First division title. Bobby Moore the captain of England's 1966 World Cup winning side was a West Ham player and is one of many great English players produced by the club. The club is one that is regularly associated with football hooliganism but is likable at the same time. Fans are famous for singing the quirky song "I'm forever blowing bubbles" (hopefully Michael Jackson was not a fan as would have been awkward to hear him sing this in the stands) a tradition now spanning almost 100 years.


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Ticket prices: £25 - £80

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Charlton (Play at The Valley)

Charlton are a South London club who recently had a successful stint in the Premiership at the start of the century but are now in the League 1. They are a medium sized honest club for true supporters. Being a supporter will have its highs and lows.


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Ticket prices:  £19 - £34

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West London

Chelsea (Play at Stamford Bridge)

Chelsea are London's most successful club in recent history having benefited from Russian owner Roman Abramovich. The club is always at the top of the table in the Premiership and attracts genuine world stars. There are many reasons to dislike Chelsea over recent years, whether it be watching Drogba in pain from a twisted sock, reading about the latest John Terry scandal. Want a club that is likely to be successful and has a good blue top then support Chelsea.


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Ticket prices: £47 - £87

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Fulham (Play at Craven Cottage)

Fulham have recently come from a golden period with over a decade playing in the Premiership and reaching the Europa club final. Things have gone down hill since they removed a Michael Jackson statue from their stadium. The club is one of the few clubs in the league to have a neutral fans section and is dubbed by some as the tourists club. Fulham are one of those clubs that are hard not to like but if you support be prepared for frustration. They are London's oldest football club.


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Ticket prices: £20 - £50

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Brentford (Play at Griffin Park)

The Bees currently play their home games at Griffen Park, a ground famous for having a pub on every corner. They have not been in the top division since 1947 but are currently doing well. Reasonably cheap to follow, they still have a standing terrace which is great to experience in terms of atmosphere. Don't follow them if you want big time success.


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Ticket prices: £20 - £35

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Queens Park Rangers (Play at Loftus Road)

QPR are based in Shepherd's Bush and are a club which had some good success that includes finishing runner up in the Old first division now Premiership in 1975-76 and finishing runner up in the FA Cup in 1982 exactly 100 years since being formed in 1882. They are a club that generally hovers between Championship and Premiership so fans get to enjoy many relegation and promotion battles. They play with a well recognised blue and white hoops top.


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Ticket prices: £23 - £39

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London Stanger tips - 

To get tickets check each clubs website to see availability, generally for the bigger games in the Premier League you will need to either be a season ticket holder, member or know one of the two. For other games including Premier League games tickets will go on general sale after they have been offered to season ticket holders and members first. Championship teams will be generally easier to get tickets for and much cheaper!


Click on the name of each club above to go to their websites to see full info for buying tickets.


Updated: 10:13am on 16th October 2018


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Written by: Jeremy Cogden


The benefits of London being the multi-cultural capital of the world is that it is an amazing place to watch events such as the Football World Cup.

If you are new to the UK and love sport you are going to have to find a team to support. As this website is for people visiting/living in London we go through the different London sides to give you an idea who you may like to support.